According to CNBC, Americans spend $900,000 each month on Avocado toast, with single servings priced as high as $19. The $19 price might not seem that high for a once in the blue moon purchase but spending this consistently is quite costly. If you were to consume $19 avocado toast 3 times per week, each week for a whole year, your total cost would be just under $3,000 ($2,964) and if you indulged 4 times per week, the total cost would jump to $4,000 ($3,952). At close to $4,000/year, this amount could be invested into a Roth IRA (2021 max contributions is $6,000 for people under age 50).

You might ask yourself, what is a Roth IRA? A Roth IRA is a special individual retirement account (IRA) that is funded with after-tax dollars (the money you would spend on avocado toast). The earnings will grow tax free and then all future withdrawals will become tax-free. Who doesn’t like the taste of tax-free money?