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Our Core Values

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Core values are important to our firm

A firm’s culture is the collective result of how people on the team think and behave, their shared values and how they react to internal and external circumstances.  A company culture – and its corresponding set of guiding principles (Core Values) guides the firm as it grows and changes over time.  They become the root of how we, as a team, live on a daily basis and how we want others to view us.  Our Core Values need to resonate with each of us and we need to incorporate them into all that we do.


Our deep passion for excellence fuels our work and guides what we do and how we do it.


We strive to educate our clients, ourselves, and our community every day.


We maintain the highest standard of moral character and seek wholeness in our everyday lives.


We aim to be good stewards as we give and volunteer in our community.


Our team of dedicated and highly qualified financial professionals work cohesively with a common cause: to provide value to our clients.

Our Why

We believe in improving our clients’ lives through hard work and good stewardship. We see financial planning and investing, not only as tools for wealth building, but as keys to purposeful living. Our core values – excellence, education, integrity, philanthropy and teamwork support our goal to provide value to each client. We’ve done our job well when our clients can sleep at night knowing they have a plan to reach their goals and a reliable team to help them get there.

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Going Forward

Each week during our staff meeting we invite one person to share either their own experience living one of our Core Values or an observation of a team member demonstrating one of our values.