Purposeful Financial Planning

Markers Along the Path

If you’re looking for a methodical, systematic strategy to manage risk and return, we’ve developed The Independent Method to help give you the confidence you know where you are on the path to independent financial freedom.

Encompassing the solid approaches for needs including retirement, elder care, and college expenses; an effective implementation of goals requires a structured plan.

Whatever your age, marital or family status, or financial situation, we can work with you to create a plan designed to meet your short- and long-term financial needs and objectives.

Do you need a plan for your retirement? How about one for taking care of your elderly parents? You might need one for passing an inheritance to your children, or planning for their college education.

We abide by a step-by-step financial planning process to create a plan that best works for you.


We follow a Tried-and-True 7 step method:

  1. Understand the Client’s personal and financial circumstances
  2. Identifying and selecting goals
  3. Analyzing the Client’s current course of action and potential alternative courses of action
  4. Developing the financial planning recommendations
  5. Presenting the financial planning recommendations
  6. Implementing the financial planning recommendations
  7. Monitoring progress and updating

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By following this critical CFP® Board step-by-step process, a personalized financial plan is developed just for you. Your life is ever-changing, and needs to be monitored and adjusted to plan accordingly. Investing involves risk and you may incur a profit or loss regardless of strategy selected.



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