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One of the most important numbers in life besides your cholesterol level, is your credit score. Ironically, schools do not teach their students about keeping a high credit score and what it means if your credit is low or bad. According to Investopedia, “a credit score is a number between 300-850 that depicts a consumer’s creditworthiness.” The higher the score, the better and vice versa for a lower credit score. A good credit score will give you the option to purchase a new car, your dream home or borrow money to start a business at lower interest rates than someone with a low credit score. Your credit score is a level of risk a bank or lender is willing to take, and your interest rates are going to fluctuate based on your credit score. A great way to keep your score high is to pay your monthly bills on time and not miss any payments, this is the single most important factor in determining your credit score. Other important factors affect your credit score are the total amount of debt owed, length of your credit history, the types of debt you have and how much new debt you have taken on. The bottom line is your credit score is something you want to check monthly and make sure you keep this score high. When your credit score remains strong, you’ll have more opportunities to borrow down the road. This is why they keep score because a high credit score is winning!

Branden has been a key member of the Independent Financial Services (IFS) team since 2013. He is a Financial Advisor, Portfolio Technician, Certified Financial Planner, and Accredited Asset Management Specialist. Branden’s professional registrations include the Series 7, Series 66 as well as Florida Life, Health and Variable Annuity insurance licenses. As a Financial Advisor, Branden develops financial plans for clients which includes creating and modeling different possible financial scenarios, preparing client reports along with providing key recommendations for helping clients achieve their financial goals.