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It is no secret that living to be 100 is a rare milestone achieved by only a select few. As such, it stands to reason that those who reach 100 would share some healthy habits. As you’ll soon learn, there are indeed healthy habits of centenarians.


Stretching does more for the body than just keep you limber. Implementing a healthy stretching routine into your daily life can significantly reduce your chances of falling. More to the point, falling is the single biggest cause of death in people over the age of 65.

What’s more, stretching makes you more mobile. When you have better mobility, you will be more apt to go walking, which in itself offers benefits in leading a healthy life.

The more you stretch, the better you’ll feel. With limber muscles, you’ll be less prone to aches and pains, and you will be less likely to experience muscle tears. 

Getting Outside

As you get older, it can become very tempting to stay inside, whether for concern over your safety or just because you would prefer to take it easy. Whatever your reasoning is, you could actually be doing yourself a great disservice by not getting out more often.

Researchers have found that staying physically and socially active increase your chances of longevity. In a study that compared the social and physical practices of adults between the ages of 70 and 90, it was revealed that those who left their home more often lived longer than those who did not.

No Smoking

By now, just about everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking. In looking at centenarians, very few smoked. It is a testament to the benefits of not smoking. Quite simply, not doing it leads to a longer life.

In fact, those who do smoke typically die 10 years earlier than expected. Not only that, but smokers are more likely to be plagued with health conditions and disabilities.

Eating Vegetables

Getting into the habit now of eating more veggies could significantly prolong your lifespan, according to research. Making at least 80% of your diet vegetables can help towards a long and healthy life.

Unfortunately, the temptation of fast food and convenience has turned many people away from the natural, life-giving benefits found in fruits and vegetables.

Starting a plant-based diet will give your body a much-needed boost of essential vitamins and nutrients, which go a long way in supporting a healthy heart.

Food for thought.

Having Faith

Many centenarians believe their faith in God is what is responsible for their long life. To support this belief, a study from 2018 revealed a large percentage of Italian adults between the ages of 90 and 101, had a strong faith in God and their church.

Socialize with Others

Staying social as you get older is an essential part of long life. Studies show centenarians have a diverse network of friends. Staying by yourself only serves to make you feel isolated and alone. And if you get sick or injured, you’ll have plenty of people to check on you.