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Nothing is more important than maintaining your health. Failure to do so can severely diminish your quality of life. Having all the money in the world will not mean much if you are physically suffering through your daily activities. Although this means you will need to keep up with a consistent exercise routine, it is also important to do what you can to avoid injuries when working out at home. The following are some tips for preventing injury. 

Warming up and cooling down 

Make sure not to ramp up your workout to intense levels too rapidly. Begin with slower and easier movements, like simply walking, in order to get your blood pumping and prepare your body for the workout. This will help prevent strain and breathing issues. Also, at the end of your workout you can do the same in order to cool down your body as your heart rate returns to normal levels. 

Pay attention to your form and posture 

For most exercises, maintaining proper form and good posture can not only enhance the effectiveness of the exercise but can also prevent injuries to joints, back, shoulders and neck. You may want to consult an expert trainer in the type of exercise you are doing in order to make sure you are doing things correctly. 

Wear quality shoes 

If the type of exercise you do requires shoes, make sure to purchase quality shoes. Usually, it is best to have shoes that provide good arch support. Also, when your shoes become worn out, do not forget to replace them with new ones. Worn out shoes will not provide you with the proper support to avoid slipping, falling and injuring your joints. 

Use sports matting 

When possible, you should exercise on a sports mat as opposed to cement, carpet, hardwood or asphalt. This can prevent slips and falls which can result in serious injuries. 

Avoid going too hard 

Although it is good to be motivated to work out and get in shape, you need to be mindful of what your body is telling you. If it seems like you just cannot continue working out then you may want to consider stopping for the day. This can help to prevent muscle tears, strains and injuring joints. 

Allow for recovery 

Your body needs time to recover from exercise, particularly after a hard workout. This means sleeping, eating and hydrating following your exercise routine. Recovery time can be particularly essential if you just started exercising and are not yet used to working out hard. If you are not in particularly good shape or are older, you may find you need longer recovery time in between workouts. 


Not only is consistently working out important in reaping the benefits of exercise, consistently practicing injury prevention strategies and techniques can make sure you do not end up hurting yourself. Injury can keep you from exercising which means you will become less and less healthy since you are not able to workout with consistency. If you do end up hurting yourself then you should consider visiting your doctor to determine the correct course of action to heal.